In the Wake of Mark's Victory at the Appeal Court.......Let there be a forward.

Yesterday, the court put an end to a needless distraction. We thank God, our distinguished senator, David Mark can now wholesomely face the onerous task of nation-building . 

The last few days have been remarkable for the people of Benue South senatorial district. Earlier, the President had audience with our honour-leader pursuant to nationalistic and bipartisan collaboration to ameliorating stinging federal malaise of economic and political proportions. We had rightly predicted in the days leading up to the rerun election that when matters of utmost national importance ensues, it would be leaders like Senator Mark that the President would turn irrespective of their different political leanings. 

Then the appellate session of the tribunal spoke in unmistaken terms further revalidating 6 previous unprecedented victories and several land mark election tribunal judgements in favour of one man, an irrevocable Idoma son.

Then enter the nomination of the Honourable Justice Ejembi Eko as Justice of the apex court of the federation. The significance here is very telling. Eko was unnecessarily opted out of the state's number one judicial position by the same forces that have urged Onjeh on on this needless political trek due to non-existent ethnic competition . For us it was never a journey. 

Today this same traducers are struggling to be local Titans in their Benue huts while both Mark , Eko and several other of our leaders are gaining ethnically untainted federally accentuated merit and relevance including presidential attention. 

However, as our leader, Senator David Mark has said, let us forgive the conspirators and work for the progress of Benue South senatorial district, Benue State and Nigeria. 

We knew from the outset that the needless agitation from the APC candidate was beyond him because he never won and could never, never have won those elections. Thank God, his externally supervised insistence led us to prove our political sophistry to Nigeria and the world. 

Congratulations to true democrats all over the world. 
Well done, Benue South senatorial district. 
Thank you our honour -leader for accepting to serve and refusing to be cowed in the face of state machinated intimidation.


Comrade James Oche 
National Coordinator ,

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