My Body is Not a Stone or Iron Rod - Lagos Pastor Seek Dissolution of 4-year Marriage Over S*x Starvation

Over what he termed as s*x and food starvation, a 39-year-old pastor identified as Andrew Ndubisi, on Wednesday approached an Igando Customary Court sitting in Lagos, to dissolve his 4-year-old marriage.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the petitioner said; “My wife (Saraphina) starves me of food and s*x. She always gives excuses whenever I want to make love to her. Despite all my pleading, she will not allow me; my body is not a stone or iron rod.

“Apart from s*x, she also denies me food; she is a poor cook and hardly cooks. Whenever she does, is either the food is too salty or watery. If I complain, she will take the food and dispose of it and she will never apologise; I used to buy food to eat or go hungry,” he said.
The Pastor also accused his wife of infidelity; “My wife is having an affair. Last February 1, I called my wife with a new SIM I just bought. 

“Unknown to her, she never knew who was calling; she said is it because my wife was around that I refused call or visit her. It was then that I knew that my wife was having an affair.

“I refused to respond. I waited for her to do the talking; she started calling me sweet names and told me how much she loves me. 

“She insisted I should say something; I later revealed myself to her and she was shocked. Before I got home, she has packed out with our three-year-old daughter.

“When she did not return for days, I reported at the police station; I also went to the radio and television stations including a newspaper, to place announcement of a missing person.” 
Saraphina, a 31-year-old businesswoman, welcomed the divorce.

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