Former President Obasanjo's Ex-wife,Taiwo, Set to Float Her Own Political Party...See New Details


Taiwo Obasanjo is the estranged wife of former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, and is now set to float a political party, with the name, Abundant Blessing Congress, ABC.
Taiwo described her decision to float the party as a “divine assignment from God.’’
Speaking in an interview with The Sun, she warned Nigerians against blaming President Muhammadu Buhari for the nation’s woes, saying that the current government had laid a better foundation for the nation
On why she decided to float a party, she said, “I have a divine assignment from God to come out with something like this. It has a divine agenda. What is the divine agenda? What is the agenda? It is to create a selfless platform for people to come together and become the custodian, part and parcel towards rebuilding this nation.

“We shouldn’t leave it to only the government of the day to run. It is going to be a kind of shadow government, that will also externalise itself in all that they want to do for the nation. The Abundant Blessing Congress will also be internalizing what they want to do and that’s what we are going to externalize in the nation. That’s why I said we shall have a shadow government, because right now, what we have doesn’t make me happy.”‎
On the current hardship in the country, Taiwo said Nigerians needed to back Buhari instead of nailing him to the cross.
She added, “Yes, we can solve the problem because he came as a caterpillar to clear the bush but he isn’t the one that will be building that foundation, I believe he can build a superior foundation on the one he has laid.

“And what is the foundation he has come to lay? His mission is to bring us back to a people with conscience, a people that must know that we should rule with fear of God; that is, we should be accountable and there should be disciplined and we shouldn’t institutionalize dishonesty. So, the man shouldn’t be hated.”

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