Why Buhari Will Resubmit $30bn Loan Request Rejected by Senate - Presidency Opens Up

Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, has confirmed that the $30bn loan request rejected by the Senate will be resent back.
He explained the president's decision to send the request back to the senate when he featured on Channels Television yesterday, 
The Presidential spokesperson explained that the Buhari’s loan request was not rejected by the Senate but the upper legislative chambers only asked for more details.
Reacting to a question on the loan request, Adesina said, “Yes, it makes sense to represent. You will notice that what the Senate said was that, it needed more details about the bid for loan and it was not that it rejected the idea completely.
“Now, on the basis of that, if government did not represent, it won’t show you as a serious government in the first place. This is not a flippant government and before it asked for that kind of loan, it did its homework properly, and if the Senate says it needs more details, then more details would be provided and the request would be represented.”
On the evaluation of current Ministers, Adesina noted that only the President has the prerogative to assess his cabinet.
“Let me refer you to the Good Book. It says, 'who are you to judge another man’s servant? It is before his master that he either rises or falls.' The President assembled that cabinet, he has timelines and deliverables for them. So he is the one who can judge and assess them. If he is going to re-jig that cabinet, it is going to be his decision, his prerogative,” he added.

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