Lagos Big Boy Laments Bitterly on Twitter as MMM Panic Hits Nigerians

Newly married Noble Igwe may not be in his best of moods currently concerning the circular issued by the leadership of the MMM ponzi scheme community suspending financial operations till the 12th of January owing to the fragility of the system and misrepresentation in the media.
According to reports, the news broke at 1am on Tuesday as participants logged into the account thereby sending massive panic among already suspecting members.
Mr. Igwe has been tweeting about the discomfort inflicted by the indications of MMM's last days on social media. Its not sure if he is also a participant as his words were confusing and not assertive.
It should be noted that 3 million Nigerians are currently participating in MMM despite strict warnings by the Central Bank of Nigeria, NDIC, House of Representatives, commercial banks, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission amongst others.
Read the interesting tweets from Mr. Igwe as he paints the agonies of Nigerian participants:

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