President Mahama's Daughter Writes Him Emotional Letter After He Lost Ghana Election

John Mahama is the president of Ghana.
President Mahama has been in office since 2012.
The number one citizen of Ghana served as the Vice President of the country from 2009 to 2012, and took office as President on 24 July 2012 following the death of his predecessor, John Atta Mills.
President Mahama recently contested in the Ghanaian presidential elections to gain the chance to serve out a second tenure.
However, he lost the elections to his rival, Nana Akufo-Addo.
Now, his daughter, in a bid to console him over his loss, has written him an emotional letter which has gotten people sobbered up.
The President himself posted the letter on Instagram.
The letter reads: 
"I have faith in my daddy, God has faith in my daddy. Daddy has worked so hard to change lives and transform Ghana, he has done so many things, schools, roads. He has done all the things he needs to do not to say even more. He has done his best and that is the important thing.
"I love my daddy and God loves him too and he loves me too and he loves God too. Take heart, daddy."

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