Re: Who Wants To Islamize Us? By Apostle Daniel Omewah

After The Recent Announcement By Pastor E. A. Adeboye, The General Overseer Of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, In Regards To The Sudden Appointment Of Pastor Joseph Abayemi As The New Overseer Of Redeemed Christian Church Of God "Nigeria" While He Pastor Adeboye Remains The Overseer Of Redeemed Christian Church Of God Worldwide, It Has Generated A Lot Of Comments.

Firstly To Some, The Major Reason Why Daddy G.O As Fondly Called Suddenly Resigned Is Because Of A Law Or Statement From Financial Reporting Council Of Nigeria That States "All Heads Of Incorporated Trustees Must Resign After Twenty 20 Years Of Leadership" Does This Law Or Statement Truly Exist, When Was It Passed Into Law Or When Was This Statement Made And Who Made The Statement?.

Less We Forget, Pastor E.A. Adeboye Has Been The Overseer Of Redeemed Christian Church Of God Worldwide Of Over Thirty (30) Years, Within This Past 30 Years Of Pastor Adeboyi's Leadership, We Have Had Both Moslem And Christian Presidents In This Nation Nigeria, How Come The So Called Law Wasn't Invoked Much Earlier?.

Is Financial Reporting Council Saddled With The Responsibility Of Making Heads Of Incorporated Trustees Resign After 20 Years Of Leadership? Certainly No. In Nigeria As It Stands Today, The Corporate Affairs Commission Is The Only Body Empowered By Law Under Company And Allied Matters Act To Incorporate A Company. And Incorporated Trustees (Churches, Charity Organizations etc) Are Supposed To File For "Annual Financial Returns" With The Corporate Affairs Commission.

If The Government Should Truly Look Into The Records Of The Church In Nigeria Today, A Lot Of Churches Will Be Found Guilty Because Churches Are Been Incorporated As Charity Or Non Profit Making Organization, Which Has Been Grossly Abused Today. Where We See Merchandise Going On Right Inside The Church, Where Business Empires Are Built Right Inside The Church, Against What's It Was Incorporated For.

Whereas In A Lot Of Churches Today, The Head Happens To Be The Only Sole Signatory To The Accounts, Build Schools That Members Can't Afford The Fee And Yet They Tell Us God Told Them That Their Fees Should Be High. Materialism And Greed Has Become The Other Of The Day. 

Secondly, The Churches In Nigeria Must Be Blamed For What Ever Situation Its Finds Itself Today, Yes Because We Are A Not United, We Have Turned Our Pulpits And Platforms Into Avenue Of Practicing All Forms Of Wickedness. A Church Which Takes Pleasure In The Predicaments Of Her Sister Church, A Church That Celebrates The Down Fall Of It Heroes And Champions. A Church Full Of Bitterness And Malicious Men And Women, A Church Full Of Thieves And Wicked Men, A Church That It's Common Concerned In Materialism Than In Eternity, A Church That Gives The 'Dubious' Rich Front Seats And The 'Innocent' Poor BackSeat, A Church Where The Holy Ghost Has Been Boxed To A Corner. 

A Church Filled With Adulteress And Adulteresses, A Church Whose Motive And Aim Is Money And Firm, A Church That Its Orignal Owner 'Christ' Has Been Shut Out And On Daily Bases He Is Knocking, A Church That Still Visits The Witch Of Edoom At Night, A Church That Groom Rebellious And Accursed Children, A Church That Is Insensitive To The End Time.

Who Wants To Islamize Us? The Church In Nigeria Is Under Attack By It Own Worshippers. Should Nigeria Be Islamized Just As Libya, Turkey etc, The Church In Nigeria Is Responsible?

Apostle Daniel Omewah

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